Thursday, 9 November 2017

Pan Asia Hash 2017 - Sokcho City, Korea

PAN ASIA HASH 2017 was held for the first time in Korea being in general of the Korean population, excluding the expatriates, not knowing much about hash house harriers while a bunch of younger generation Koreans are getting more interested in and all about hashing - the merry making of running and drinking, the camaraderie and the rest of the hashing stuff that they see is not their norm but a whole lot of fun.

From a stand point, the event was successfully held with the supports from the provincial government, the city council and hashers in general. A look at the registrations will show the interests - more than 3500! The runs were lined with beautiful scenes of late autumn and the cold that comes with it. The chosen city with its known for nature reserves was the right choice.

Being a 'new son' in the hash communities and conducting such an event with such a number of participants, was a challenge. They manage to pull through the whole event but there were things that they should know even more - hashers are crazy people. To the normal communities who exercises regularly and weekly, hashers are crazy in running the trails, the drinking and the partying! People might have called it a day after a good run but hashers were still busy drinking and partying! Some had already hit the bed by 10pm but hashers were just getting into second gear.

Overall, the event went with some hitches here and there. Nothing that had caused a major disaster, reserved for some stand point to some individual who will contradict. Though said, some areas should be tailored to hashing participants and to hashing norms which will cancel out a lot of hashing related comments. Some hiccups were human errors and mismanaged, not a disaster but depends on the handling committee to resolve the issues.

Majority of the hashers are big hearted, no worries. No hashers would have traveled half way round the world to get disappointment, they make do with whatever available while enjoying whatever is left.

My 2 cents!

Monday, 6 November 2017

reviving the zombified hasher...

ho-hum....awaken again to write some stuff after a long hiatus. taken my siesta too far...

some thought the death of the nonsensical hasher blogger was abrupt and about but senseless hashing drinking made the zombie side surfaced. lagging the motivation of keeping up with the initial recording and the tendentious efforts in putting up an endless hashing logs, drinking too much booze really can get you wasted! so is the same when it comes to what sustains my living - my job!

being mutually acceptable on either side of the 'story', one has to maneuver in ways better than the best giant wave surfer faced with a hundred foot wave - the ride of my life, my one and only life! face hardened with sobriety,  one wonders what would come more of in one's life after 'this'. neither riches nor power could let you ride the best of your life until you ride it without them....might be too philosophical of me but trust me when you come to realize. unless you are darn strong to hold on to what you think is right for the time being.

do whatever, long as it doesn't bother people around you and most importantly not to trouble people around you.

the dead awakens....

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thursday, 28 July 2016


I see that there are numerous hashes nowadays are enthusiastic and leaning towards their weekly 'enjoyment' no matter what they have set up as a "hash house harriers". No doubt there are runs and beers throughout and most importantly their own interpretation of "hash house harriers".

There are sides of everything.

I have never come to know hash houses to become a charity organisation thingy. No doubt there are hashers portraying hash houses as a caring society but that's their interpretation. I would leave society volunteer works to the more society driven clubs rather than  hash houses.

Least, there are now the often promotion of hash house celebration runs and they are so often held that there are almost one every weekend. It used to be an occasion which hashers enjoyed once in a while but nowadays it is just 'another celebration'. There are those who does organize a celebration each year while being branded as a party animal hashers but the trend was more on a commercial side of it.

Nowadays, I see local and international events are much more of a 'shopping experience' than a hash event. what do you think? is bigger better?

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

11/4/16; Hash House Harriers; Kampung Sesapan Kelubi, Beranang ~12km
OnSec was busy with talking with members around the run site, a bee gathering nectar seemed too easy. It was already a few minutes past six, everyone was already impatient. At last OnSec gathered himself to lead the run but, Hey!, wrong direction! OnCash pointed the other was as to where the paper was and still OnSec got it wrong. The second time OnCash pointed inches away from the start paper to OnSec.

As expected, it would be more of a runner’s run more than a climber’s climb. We were brought round the places where it all seemed so ever familiar. Déjà vu like to some but all so vividly recalled by some. The where and where were much cleared for developments, few areas were left intack but it seemed not for long.

The checks were good to keep the pack together, most were circular. The runners were caught in everyone one of them. Some were lost in the checks and found their own way back even with some runners! The heat may have had people think differently and at times crazy.

The hare had this run thought carefully and planned well. We had a chance to glimpse at the sunset while the view opens up a new toll plaza by the huge development. The last check was just after we crossed some shiggies and orchards. It was already getting dark when I got there, luckily was out in the open for the more than a kilometer run back. A good sweat out, well rewarded with a cold one.

10/4/16; Sunday H4; Semenyih Hi-Tech Industrial Park ~7km

A really warm day but happy faces were abound with the only dog around, named Happy. Long lost friends were back again, starting from this week there would be back in full force. The sun was block by a few low lying clouds but the heat was damaging. Humid, sweat and laughter.

The start of the run was so-so until the first climb was roughed-in, started from asl 70m to 236m. Almost everyone was slow and complained about the heat. The dog, Happy was panting like mad. I passed them and notified the master about Happy needing a drink.

It was then a long downhill with some smaller climbs within the hills. We crossed the Sungai Pening-Pening quarry and more downhills. We came across where we had ran from the opposite direction and I thought we would be on our way back until…

With a different direction and away from the trails that we ran before, we were challenged with a humongous climb, from asl 88m to 248m with a forty percent slope and the heat. The climb seemed endless, one terrace after the other we thought that each would be the last. I took about twenty five minutes to get to the peak and thereafter much easier run through the old OP estates and crusher-run road back to the run site, a slow eighteen minutes covered two clicks.

Many were caught in the dark as the climbs was really a challenge, Happy was reported exhausted and collapsed. The owner and few of the guys tried carrying Happy up the last humongous climb but got themselves exhausted completely. The owner decided to leave Happy to rest and will get back to him the next morning while he got back to runsite. Happy was too tired to even move an eyelid and I see it that he was dehydrated as well.

It was reported that the next morning the owner and  few hashers went to look for Happy. Happy was found but he was already in dog heaven.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Hot and sunny weeks

04/04/16 HHH, Avian Chicken Farm, Jalan Broga

~ 9km trail. A hot and sunny day. The start was just sunny and the trail was easy. Just after we passed Paradise Resort, the long and steep climb greeted us. It was a killer! The climb took us more than forty five minutes whereas the trails after hitting the top was easily and speedily ran through. Run verdict was good.

I heard some seasoned hashers would be joining us on Mondays soon....

03/04/16 Hulu Langat Trail Run 2016, Kampung Dusun Tua

~15km trail. Registered this race with the guys, met Fong Wan during the race. I was accompanying me missus throughout the trail.

Note to self in a race -  when some one was barking at you to line up and wait your turn during ANY RACE, kcuf them.

28/03/16 Hash House Harriers, Gasing Hill PJ

~9km trail. The rush after having a last minute work meeting was worth while, reaching run site with ample time to sit down with the guys in a nearby Indian restaurant to my pasembal-tea. Taufu Soo was the mastermind for Bull Ong, last week heard him say that he was going to cover all the hills in Gasing Reserve! He went laying the trail at 5. The 4:30 gang was unable to do anything except doing their own thing.

21/03/16 Hash House Harriers, Bukit Tagar

~10km trail. The long drive was surprisingly short and using the PLUS highway was a breeze. Sunny day, the sun was at its best. Everyone was looking for a good tree in an almost barren land. Nice run but the weather was murderous...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Take your pick - pick your nose or scratch your balls....

14/3/16; Hash House Harriers; Sungai Jelok ~12km

The run started one minute late as OnSec was engrossed in talking. The notion that he blurted out last week and during the AGM on not setting the first check at a mentioned maximum distance that boasted his alto-eagerness to challenge the hares on setting a ‘really good distance’, will get himself in trouble. True enough, after reaching the first check a little over a kilometer, he was huffing and puffing really hard. The trail then led us to a long climb with some steeper areas had OnSec breathing really hard and walked at a slower pace! Then were the stand and wait at all the checks, the final climb that was really long had him strolling with the rest of the back pack but kept up pace when I sarcastically poked at him with Mike Kuan oiling the fire.

I think it knocked some sense in him and he would be thinking of what to decide next in the impending Hash Council Meeting. There are some ways that one may think of what to do when in the highest position while wearing member’s shoes but when one accepted the highest position, it will be an illusive decision when compared the intent and the reality. It’s a gentlemen’s club, he’ll come round and back into his senses. Get in touch with your balls!

7/3/16: Hash House Harriers; Cahaya SPK ~12km

Ran with a troubled stomach, a few stops to fertilize a few OP trees. The last stop freed me the trouble and had my home trail run as fine. I thought I was the last until I met the bunch (Ah Khoon, Jeffrey Yong and Tan Chiong Lee) just a couple kilometers before the tarmac road. Then, met Loh Poh Choy and Ah-Kit driving round in search of the run site.

29/2/16: Hash House Harriers AGM; Bukit Subang ~8km

Changing of some guards. The considered 'brief moment' at GAB in drinking terms meant too short of a time that left us not enough time to enjoy the fresh black foamy liquid. The bell rung at 10 and extended another half hour, still it was too brief. Drinking with your buddies always seemed too brief...sheeeeeshhhhh